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End of Lease Information

East Coast Leasing will contact you before the end of your lease to review your options. You can contact our Remarketing Department toll-free at 1-888-930-0140.

Excess Wear and Use
It is recommended that you have the repairs done prior to the return of the vehicle. This way you have control of the process and will know the costs involved in advance. Descriptions of Excess Wear and Use.

We will contact you with the details of your particular options prior to the maturity of your lease. The basic options are:

Purchase - You, or any party you designate, have the option to purchase your vehicle. We offer financing options to qualified buyers at very competitive rates and terms. The transaction can be handled conveniently over the phone or by mail. Purchasing your vehicle will allow you to avoid any end of lease charges that would be due if you return the vehicle.

Renew your Lease - You may be able to renew your lease at favorable terms. This is an option if you are comfortable with your current lease, and do not want the expense of a new vehicle. This can be handled conveniently by mail or over the phone.

Return - If you decide to return the vehicle, we will direct you to a conveniently located facility for an inspection of the vehicle, as per the terms of your lease contract. We will then provide you with a condition report, which will be used to generate a final statement of your account. The vehicle inspection and return will be handled in the same appointment. To ensure a fair process, an independent appraisal company will perform the inspection.

NOTE: Only East Coast Leasing authorized appraisers can render a condition report of your vehicle. Do not leave your leased vehicle at a dealer unless directed to do so by East Coast Leasing.

Disposition Fee - This charge applies to vehicles that are returned and can be found in your lease agreement. The charge is designed to offset expenses associated with the sale of the vehicle.

Excess Mileage - See your lease agreement for the amount of mileage allowed in the lease, and the charge for each mile in excess of that amount. These charges are subject to sales tax.

Excess Wear and Use - If applicable, only a East Coast Leasing authorized independent, licensed appraiser can determine these items and the charges due. These charges are subject to sales tax. Descriptions of Excess Wear and Use.

Vehicle Inspection and Return
We will select a licensed, independent appraisal company in your area to perform the end of lease inspection. Contact our Remarketing Department toll free at 1-888-930-0140 to make these arrangements. The inspection typically takes 20-30 minutes, and you will be provided with a copy of the detailed inspection report at the end of the appointment. You will receive a final statement of your account in the mail. Questions about the inspection report or the statement can be directed to our Lease End Recovery Department, available at 1-888-930-0140.
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