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East Coast Leasing has proudly served the automotive industry since 1998. Call today to speak with one of our financial service professionals at 1-888-930-0140. Our staff is dedicated to giving our customers unmatched value and service. Hours of Operation: M-F 9am-5pm
General Information

From the application process to the conclusion of the lease or loan, our staff is dedicated to giving our customers unmatched value and service.

Credit Decisions
If a credit application was submitted to East Coast Leasing by a car dealership and you have any questions regarding the credit decision, you may discuss the outcome with your dealer or contact the credit agencies below for a copy of your report. As an indirect lender, East Coast Leasing can not discuss credit decisions directly with a consumer.

  Experian   1-800-525-0689
TransUnion 1-800-882-8105
Equifax 1-800-685-5000

Lost Registration
If you have a Loan
Contact your local Motor Vehicle Agency to obtain a duplicate registration.

If you have a Lease
Contact our Title and Registration Department directly at 1-888-930-0140. Our representatives will be happy to assist and provide you with any of the necessary documentation.

Insurance Requirements
If you have a Loan
Refer to your retail installment loan contract for insurance requirements.

If you have a Lease
The minimum required amount of coverage is as follows:
  $100,000 per person
$300,000 per accident
$50,000 property damage
Deductibles: Maximum of $500 for both comprehensive and collision

Vehicle Transfer
Although the transfer of a lease or a loan to another party is considered under certain circumstances, the original borrower or lessee remains responsible under the original terms of their agreement and for that reason it is not encouraged. All transfers are subject to approval by East Coast Leasing. Should you have any questions, our Customer Service Department is available directly at 1-888-930-0140.

Early Purchase of Leased Vehicle
You may purchase your leased vehicle at any time. To receive a payoff quote, have your account number ready and call our automated payoff system at 1-888-930-0140, option 5.

Early Termination
When you lease a vehicle, your obligation under the terms of your lease agreement is to make all required monthly payments. Once all payments are made, you have an option to purchase or return the vehicle. You, or the dealer of your choice, may purchase the vehicle at any time during your lease term. If you want to return the vehicle you will be given a credit for the vehicle at the current wholesale value after taking into consideration both mileage and condition. Your obligation will be the difference between that value and the outstanding payoff of the lease.

When to Expect Title After Purchase
Release of title is determined by manner of payment:

Bank or Certified Check - One week from receipt of payment
Other payment types - Two to four weeks from receipt of payment

Prior to your move, contact our Title and Registration Department directly at 1-888-930-0140. If you have leased a vehicle, there are area restrictions and obligations pertaining to the return of the vehicle at lease end. You will need to be aware of local registration and tax requirements in the area to which you are moving. Your monthly payment amount may change as a result of a change in local and/or state tax.

Vehicle Registration
Initial registration is handled by your dealer at delivery. If you have purchased your vehicle, the renewal process is handled directly with your local Motor Vehicle Agency. If you are leasing your car, the procedure for renewing your registration is as follows:

New Jersey - DMV will send your registration application to East Coast Leasing, and we will forward it to you. Follow the instructions and mail the application as directed to Motor Vehicle along with your fee. The registration will be sent to East Coast Leasing and, upon receipt, we will forward it to you immediately.
New York & Pennsylvania - You will receive registration materials directly from the Motor Vehicle Agency.
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