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Payment Information

As a new or existing customer with East Coast Leasing, you may have questions regarding your monthly lease or loan payments. We have compiled some information in an attempt to answer some of those questions.

Payment Notification
You will receive a coupon book and mailing labels to make your monthly payments. As a new customer, refer to your lease or loan agreement for your next payment due date (usually 30 days from delivery of your vehicle). If at that point you have not received your coupon book, please contact our Customer Service Department directly at 1-888-930-0140.

Lost Coupon Book
Contact our Customer Service Department directly at 1-888-930-0140, and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you. To avoid late payments or possible late charges, please contact us immediately.

Making Payments in Advance
For your convenience, you can prepay your payments on your lease at any time, but there is no savings advantage by doing so. If you are prepaying your loan it is possible to realize a savings of interest if the result of the prepayment shortens the term of your loan.

Automatic Deduction of Payments
Your account may qualify for Direct Debit Service to pay your monthly payments automatically. Learn more and check your eligibility here.

Changes in Payment Amount
In certain states, your monthly payments may include local and/or state sales tax. If there is a change in tax rate in the area you reside, or you move to a different state, your monthly payment may be affected.
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